Structural Material Technologies

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Material Technologies Research Group carries out project-based activities with its multidisciplinary specialized staff.

The Structural Material Technologies Research Group consists of the following research teams:

  • Composite Material Technologies,

Composite Material Technologies come to the fore with high temperature and advanced composite materials in new products offered to the world market, together with the technology developing in parallel with the research and development studies in the world. Unlike traditional materials, the team carries out the production and R&D studies of new generation materials with high added value, new and advanced features, high purity, high performance and capable of performing complex functions.

  • Trace Reducing Material Technologies,

Trace Reducing Material Technologies Research Team conducts infrared trace reduction studies of existing Radar Absorber materials (RSM) and RSM systems developed as part of projects, with a thermal camera measuring 3-5 µm wavelength in the Radar Absorbing Materials Laboratory. As part of Radar Absorbing Materials for Marine Vehicles (D-RSM) project, paint development studies and their tests and analyses are carried out at a frequency of 8-18 GHz.

  • Ceramic and Porous Material Technologies,

Ceramic and Porous Material Technologies Research Team carries out optical ceramics production process design, special-purpose ceramic product and process design, oxide and non-oxide ceramics design with high engineering properties, and design, production and process optimization of bioceramics, glass and glass ceramics using advanced technological methods.